SOE Participant Comments 31.03.2014

Cost of food 22.2.2014 052Thank you very much for your wonderful workshop. I enjoyed it very very much. You have made great efforts to arrange such professional and well-organized event!!! Freiburg and Black Forest are very beautiful.

I miss our marvellous moments!
All the best for all of you and hope to see you very soon!!!

Many thanks for the unique workshop of MEG 8.
I really enjoyed it and appreciate your excellent arrangement of the workshop.
Cost of food 22.2.2014 079I’d like hereby to let you know that the social cost, economic cost and environment cost of foods will be on my mind whenever I eat any kind of food thanks to your wonderful and unique workshop.


IMG_0051Thank you too. It was really great. I enjoyed a lot. Especially I appreciate your friendly attitude while hosting us. You have done The Best.
Once again thanks.


I honestly love the way the whole event was organized. It looks like
everyone has its task / department.
How did you do that? In almost every project I am involved in thIMG_0157ere are
some central persons who basically answer all the questions.

The Orga-Team of the Cost of Food Workshop seem to have found a way to
really delegate tasks and stick to it. 🙂


Cost of food 22.2.2014 040I would like to congratulate you for the nice event your class prepared. For me was completely different compared with the workshop I have attended before. The different format you used during the workshop (science slam, theater, infographics) are innovative ways to share information, transmit a message to your audience or simply to express your opinion and was really impressive the way you did it. Wish you all the best and congratulation again.

Thank you for that wonderful workshop day + theater afternoon! It was really inspiring to see so many creative and international people with an interest in Cost of food 22.2.2014 122environmental governance collaborate. It really seemed that you were a good team and put lots of effort in it. It was definitely worth it! I wish you and your semester all the best!

2014-02-22 18.31.51It was great experience to be a participant in the workshop. I got to learn many things, especially how to organize your ideas in a group and perform as a team. The panel discussion was also very enriching and I congratulate the entire team for such an event.
I love the workshop methodologies very much. You guys are so creative! The facilitators did a good job because you encouraged the participants to brainstorm effectively. I also like my team members – Peter, the plastic eater. I still keep laughing evCost of food 22.2.2014 024ery time I remember it. In short, the theater workshop is wonderful. That is indeed a great idea to transfer important messages to the public.

I found the theater workshop very interesting.
The moderation to define the two topics was really good.
Although the short time, the creation of the pieces of theater through improvisation, within a new group was easy.
IMG_0197I know the time for theater exercises was too short, therefore I would say that the result was amazing.
Thanks for give me the opportunity of sharing this experience.


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