Testimonials & News

Our Food Video Testimonials compile thoughts on the future of our food system.

#6 Vandana Shiva, Indian environmental activist and holder of the Alternative Nobel Prize


#5 Kay Warren, New Mexio


#4 Jean-Pierre de Leneer, Organic Farmer from Belgium


#3 Carlos Roxo, Brazilian Pulp Producer


#2  Michael S. Jones from our cooperation partner UNEP


#1 Peter Volz (Die Agronauten)


Final-Stroganoff_20140117_german_v4_druckMensa Event: Beyond your meal – where does your food come from?

When: 27 January to 31 January 2014

Where: Mensa I (Rempartstr. 18, Freiburg), Mensa II (Stefan-Meier-Str. 28, Freiburg)


MSc Environmental Governance (MEG) students have traced the production chain of two (popular/regular) Mensa dishes. We wanted to know:

Where do the ingredients for these two dishes come from?

What stages of production do they go through before the final dish arrives on our plates?

You will find on large-scale posters what we have found out about the production chain for the dish Masala aubergine-carrots-ragout with rice, dip and green salad and the Stroganoff with ribbon noodles and green salad.

Enjoy the food for thought!


New story about food waste: The cost of inefficiency: Food waste from farm to fork.


‘Like chocolate and banana, two good things blend:cost of food logo-square2 Our Student Organized Event costoffood.org and Prezi, the zooming presentor.

Check out our entry for the Prezi contest ‘What makes your Uni unique?’. http://prezi.com/gptyz8jyni45/uni-freiburg-meg-cost-of-food-canvas-my-campus-contest/

How you can support us:

1. Get a free Prezi account, to do your own Prezis (nice and easy, and a change to endless power point overkills)

2. Login and like our presentation on the landing page (little heart button)

If we win, the entire Uni Freiburg will get free Prezi Pro accounts’


For the Freiburg Food Map in our App we’d like to pick your brains for your tips for ‘good’ food sources like organic shops, public fruit trees, fair cafes etc. in Freiburg.

Via crowdsourcing we can come up with a great resource for Freiburg, join us and share your ideas!


15.6.2013, Cost of Food Kick Off @ Sustainability Tour Baden Württemberg

SONY DSC SONY DSC Sustainability tour SONY DSC


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